Why You Need Website Management & Maintenance Service

Website management services include all activities for keeping a close eye on the website issues and fix them as they are discovered. The idea is to make sure the website remains functional without any loss in user experience and/or downtime.

You wouldn’t buy a car, then never have it serviced or run the latest update on your mobile or computer. The same should be true for your website.  A management service package will keep your website secure, quick and displaying correctly.

Any website needs to be maintained once it is complete and all websites need security checks, monitoring, scheduled backups and regular updates.

After investing so much time and money into your website site, why would you not look after and fully utilize that investment?

A WordPress management plan includes everything you need to protect your website. It ensures that visitors to your website have the best experience and gives a positive reflection of your business.




A maintenance package is a service that includes everything you need to maintain your website. But what should expect from a maintenance package?

What’s included in this service will vary from company to company,  but generally the features listed below should be found in a good WordPress maintenance plan.

  • Security – A security plugin and monitoring of your website for any attempts on the security of your site.
  • Malware scanning – Finding and removing any malware from your website.
  • Regular backups – Scheduled and ongoing backups of your website, which can easily be restored.
  • Uptime monitoring – Regular checking to see if your website is up and reporting to you if it goes down.
  • WordPress updates – Applying WordPress core updates when they become available.
  • Plugin and theme updates – Plugin and theme updates as they appear.
  • Speed and performance optimization – Enhancing your site’s speed.
  • Technical support – Completing any technical website changes that you need and answering your questions about WordPress or your website.
  • Fix broken links – Searching for and fixing any links that lead to a page that is broken or no longer exists.



  • Testing environment – The ability to create an exact duplicate of your website for testing purposes.
  • Website review – Review your website’s use of installed plugins and themes with suggestions on how to optimize their usage and the performance of your website.
  • Training – training videos, one-on-one support to help you learn how to use WordPress and answer any questions you may have about your website.




How do you know if you really need a maintenance package? Any website that needs to be live and reliable would benefit from a maintenance plan.

Websites for businesses that directly or indirectly lead to sales, is a perfect example of sites that definitely need this service.

There are many reasons why your site needs a maintenance package to help grow your business and not just to stay live.

Here are the top five reasons why your website needs a maintenance package:


Maintaining your site is a necessity and should be done on a regular basis.

If you’re not updating plugins and themes and keeping up with the security of your site, then you are making it vulnerable to being hacked. Even a well coded theme and software plugins can still be vulnerable to attack if you don’t keep them updated. Updates often include security improvements and fix bugs or vulnerabilities.



Unless you want your site to get hacked, maintaining your site isn’t just an option – it’s absolutely critical.



Your website needs to be properly maintained. While you could do some of it yourself, there will be some technical knowledge required to fix many common issues:

  • Backups don’t always work and you may be unable to restore your site if a backup is corrupted.
  • Forgetting to update your site when you are busy with your business may result in the site being hacked or displaying/functioning incorrectly due to outdated plugins.
  • Having too many plugins installed would result in site that is slow to load, and adversely effects your SEO and search rankings.
  • You could make a change that breaks your site, forcing you to spend hours troubleshooting the issue.
  • Your site could have malware without you even knowing about it.
  • You could have several broken links on your site that makes for a poor user experience and not even know about it.

A maintenance package will take care of all the above for you. You don’t even have to think about it. It’s all about peace of mind.



When it comes to a site, you could easily spend hours, or even days, fixing issues and errors that arise.

Maintaining your site yourself costs you time.

By investing in a maintenance package, you could save yourself a whole lot of mess and time. Outsourcing these all-important tasks to someone else can free up your time.

You can get on with your day and focus on other important tasks like growing your business or spending time with your family.




It’s all too easy to make a mistake that could cost you an enormous amount of time to fix, you don’t need the stress and you don’t have the time.

Having to fix a site due to lack of maintenance or clients thinking they were saving themselves money by doing it themselves happens more often than I would like.

Initially it may seem cost-effective to maintain your site on your own, a maintenance plan is there in at a moment’s notice should something happen to your site. You will have a current back up and your site can be restored immediately.



A maintenance package can actually save you money. On average, it costs about $70 per hour to have a developer work on your site, so fixing errors resulting from not keeping your site up to date can be very costly. The cost of larger errors can quickly escalate.

Top companies know the importance of keeping their website well maintained and employ web developers to maintain it daily.

A maintenance package ensures your online presence is first class, your business (especially if you are selling products online) is running smoothly and gives your customers the experience they expect.

Who wouldn’t pay for peace of mind when it comes to their business?


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