SVC STATUS – Supporting Valued Client


This status is achieved when any client has demonstrated desire and resolve to continue to grow their business, online portfolios, or other digital properties for success, sustaining income and enduring growth. And they take us along on their journey to greatness!


A client reaches SVC status after their 3rd purchase with us, which also continues to support us as a company and a family. Our clients successes, are our successes and henceforth we acknowledge that partnership and trust in our team. By rewarding our SVC Client’s with the following perks;


20% lifetime discount on all products and services ever purchased at regular listed prices, except hosting, profiles and monthly paid services.

Additionally SVC clients will also enjoy a 20% referral fee on any products and services they sell, or refer a client whom makes a qualified purchase. Their referral fee will increase by 5% for each additional product or service that they cause to become a transaction, from someone they have referred.

Finally, once a client has made their 6th purchase with us should they ever. They will automatically graduate to a PVC – Partnering Valued Client and shall forevermore receive a 40% discount and a 40% referral fee on all products and services (except for hosting and member profiles), for life.


We appreciate your support and just want to give a little back. Our family is only as good as you allow us to be and thanks to your patronage and support, we are able to provide for our families and stay fresh and vigilant for you! We welcome you as part of our extended family!