Site Management Is Perfect For You If…

You purchased a site and want it to grow.

You don’t have the time or experience to run your site.

You want to get more SEO traffic for your online brand.

You’re starting a new online business and want it built right.

You want hands-off site monitoring and making software updates.

You want more clarity in handling your online assets.


BOOKER Technologies provides comprehensive monthly WordPress management. We’re a professional and friendly team that takes care of performance optimization, updates, backups, security, SEO and more. No need to pay an expensive monthly membership here! We are NOT our competitors, we are web designers and not sales people coming after your money each and every month!

We only charge 1 free, for a whole year of website management, which is renewable for you and at the same price, indefinitely. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your site is in good hands. When our client’ss websites that we have designed for them (and even ones we didn’t) continue to operate smoothly, securely and stay updated. It is better for our servers and for us as designers. When our clients are successful, by default, we are as well.

If you like your current website, but don’t like trying to edit or update it, we’re the service for you. We’re on-call to handle your ongoing website changes so you don’t have to.

Long gone are the days of “Set it and Forget it.” The Internet is no longer a static place. Having a WordPress website means maintenance. At the very least, you’ll need to be sure your site is secure, is being backed up, and your software is up to date.

Let us take the business of maintaining your site out of your hands. Never worry about if your plugins are up to date. Never worry about if your website has been backed up. Never worry that your site will be hacked.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you run your business!

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Why Hire An Outside Website Management Company?

Because website uptime and maintenance is critical for your business. If your site was down for 2 days during the middle of the week – how much money would it cost you?

Maintaining a website can be a challenge for any small organization. A good website requires lots of maintenance work and constant updates.

If you work for a small organization or you’re an entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to do that kind of work on a regular basis. Running and developing your business or organization is difficult enough. It’s easy for small business owners to overlook small tasks like site maintenance.

But, as you know, site maintenance isn’t an extra. Websites are a critical part of business development, marketing, and public information strategies. Your website is often the first place consumers will encounter your business. An outdated, inaccurate, or plain old ugly website can scare away new customers. Ongoing website maintenance is the best way to give your new clients a good first impression.

Never lose data with daily backups


“I went to my site and there was just a white screen. Everything was gone.” Not on our watch!!

Stop malware and malicious hackers


We scan, find, and remove security threats to your site. Such as Hackers!!

No-headache, managed software updates


Who has time to track the constant security patches and updates for your site’s software? We do. It’s literally what we do all day.

Know in seconds if your website is offline


When the design is done, the coding complete, and your website has launched, someone needs to be responsible for its ongoing maintenance.

We’ll keep your website updated, protected and maintained. You’ll get regular backups and updating of your sites software.  

Rest easy knowing that your website is running smoothly and doing the job it was intended to do; bring customers to your business. 

Each website has its own needs. That’s why all website management services are tailored to your business and the goals you set. Here’s a sampling of tasks that can be performed as part of your website management services: 


All technology solutions need periodic monitoring and updates to ensure their continued health and relevance and your digital properties are no different. While our implementations are built to last, we’re committed to being on hand when you need our support.


Performance Optimization


Your speed impacts every metric that matters—user experience, bounce rate, search ranking, page views, and conversions. All our members experience a dramatic boost in page speed after joining us. You can expect one, too.

Secure Backups


We’ll regularly backup your entire website—files, databases, everything you’ll need if something goes wrong—and store it on a safe and secure off-site server that you can quickly and easily access any time in case of emergency.

Regular WordPress Updates


With the latest versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes powering your site, you’ll have access to the latest features of your software—and protection against known security threats.

SEO Support


Not getting the search results your business needs? We’ll work up a targeted hit list of keywords along with sustainable strategies you can put into action to improve your position in search engines.

Solid WordPress Security


We’ll continuously monitor your site for malicious code injections and other security threats. If our scans pick up anything suspicious, we’ll immediately alert you and repair any affected files.

Terms And Disclaimers

In order to keep a website up to date, it first needs to be up to date. If we find that the core WordPress software, plugins or themes are more than just 1 version behind, we’ll manage your website and get you up to date, however there may be an additional charge to update however many themes your website has missed updates for.  This is a charge of $10 per theme, so let’s avoid this from the start.

Once that work has been completed, we’ll then start you on this program (should you sign up) and that is when your start date will be set to.

* If the WordPress core files are customized, we will not be able to perform the upgrade without your approval. Updating the customized WordPress core files involves re-coding and custom programming. If you need this service, we will send you an estimate and get approval from you before we proceed with the work. There is a limit of 3 Maintenance Blocks per update (1.5 hours) and if an update requires more than that, we will provide you a quote. Let’s avoid this cost also, by terrific management of your website from the start.

** If a plug-in is customized, we will not be able to perform updates without your approval. Updating a customized plug-in involves re-coding and custom programming. If you need this service, we will send an estimate and get approval from you before we proceed with the work. Again… this can be avoided.

*** If the theme is customized we will not be able to perform updates without your approval. Updating a customized theme involves redesigning, re-coding and custom programming. If you need this service, we will send an estimate and get approval from you before we proceed with the work. Avoid this cost by being proactive.

**** If there are tweaks that need to be made to a website to make sure it works after there’s an upgrade, the time allowed for that upgrade is a half hour (1 Maintenance Block). If we see more time than that will be required, we will first get you an estimate and get approval from you before we proceed with the work. Your money can serve you in better ways than having to pay for this, so be smart up front.

These terms are subject to change without notice.