Website hosting is a must for any website, if you want your website to be visible on the web. Hosting server hold your website files and make your website live online. A Hosting package is a must have pat of owning websites.

If you have purchased any of our website designs, at anytime and did not originally use us for your website hosting. But now wish to do so and keep everything compatible and in one place. Here is where you may obtain hosting with us… and we also have provided a 3rd party option below along with us.  We do this to offer a last minute consideration for you, that is not us.






If you decide to obtain your hosting with us, we may already have your websites information on file if you bought it with us. If not, we will contact you to obtain your website information so that we may place it on our hosting. All of our website packages come with hosting, a domain of your choice and support included, but every now and again, some decide to venture on with 3rd party hosting.

Unfortunately that move is usually a dubious result, so we love to be here for our client’s when they come home. We strongly believe that we will maintain their websites markedly better than a 3rd party as they are our designs. Our client’s growth is our growth and their success, our success.



***If you have decided to use the 3rd party option above and not us, once you have input your domain name and acquired your hosting from them, please send us the following;

1. What is the domain name you have chosen, or you want us to use for your website?

***Please provide the URL and / or login information for your cPanel.

Please forward this information as soon as you are able, and we will begin working.

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