60 plus 7 additional business ideas you can start in hours for under $1,000

You are not alone if you are looking to start a business in under $1000. You can start a side hustle or start a company as a full-time employee. Either way, this story is loaded with 67 ideas to help you kickstart your business in under $1000.

Heads up –

  • This story has around 5000 words which translate to around 39 pages. The approximate reading time is around 25 mins. You can download the clean looking PDF of this story for offline reading.
  • You will see that I have allotted $250 almost all the times in ads. The reason behind $250 is that I don’t want to put a lot of money in ads. $250 for an optimized ad is enough to check if the demand for your product/service is there or not. If you’re not getting even a single meeting after spending $250 in ads then either your ads are not convincing enough or there’s no demand of your service/product.
  • I have not provided how much you can earn from a business because that’s very much subjective. Earning from the business totally depends on the demand and your execution. But, I have provided ways which you can use to predict your earnings.
  • The list is not present on any ranking factor. I mean that the idea that is present on 1st point doesn’t mean that it’s better than the idea present in the 2nd point.

What is present here for you?

I have written this 5000 words story so that you can have at least one idea that you can grab to start your business.

  • Each idea has a startup cost which is the approximate cost to start a business around that idea.

What does it take to turn an idea into a business?

The answer to this question is very simple but people make it complicated. To turn your idea into a business, all you need to do to is to create 4–5 steps that you need to do to start the company.

  1. Put the business on Yelp, Facebook and Craiglist posting all the links to your website if you have one and start taking phone calls. Understand what your potential customers want. Don’t finalize any order. Simply listen what they want and say that you’re completely packed with other orders and can’t take the job right now. This will create a positive impression among your potential clients that your service is so good that you’re overbooked.
  2. Based on the several phone calls that you have received, make a list of things that your customers want you to do, Now, buy equipment around that.
  3. Based on the number of phone calls you have received and the amount they’re willing to pay, hire people. Now, start taking the real orders.

How can you predict your earnings after 6 months?

The answer is that you can’t accurately predict your 6 months earning. You can only guess. Multi-billion dollar companies pay millions of dollars to the consulting and analytics firm to forecast the sales but they also don’t get the exact value. They only get the approximate value.

  • Long way — Make a list of people who’ll be willing to pay for your product/service. A good rule of thumb is that only 5% of them will buy your service. So, if you have made a list of 1000 people then the best guess would be that only 50 will buy your service. So, if your product/service sots $100, you’ll earn $5000. Here 5% guess depends a lot on the product/service and its cost. Expensive things (more than $100) sell less and inexpensive things sell a lot.

List of Ideas

Now, that you have all the things you want to know before starting a company, let’s get to the ideas. Check out with your copy now below and get started growing any of these 60 plus different, lucrative and even innovative businesses!


60 plus 7 additional business ideas you can start in hours for under $1,000


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