How to Properly Own a Dating Website and Make It Successful

Starting a website is easy. A quarter of a million people become new owners of one every day. But when you start a site in a specific niche, like dating, it’s good to have an edge over the competition.


A Unique Approach

Match, eHarmony, and OK Cupid are popular general dating sites. If you start a general dating site, those huge, established sites are your competition.

But there are many niche sites that cater to specific groups. There are dating sites based on religious affiliation, people who live outside big cities, those interested in technology, casual hookups, even people who avoid gluten in their diets.

If you can serve a portion of the population that doesn’t currently have a good way to meet, your site can be a success.


A Good Head for Promotion

No business in the world ever survived or succeeded without marketing. All the business moguls you know, for instance Bill Gates, are who they are because of someone referred to as a “marketer.” If you are talented enough to market your own business that’s an advantage. Finding someone to market the business for you could cost you but it is usually worth it—it is sometimes a sure way to sit back and watch a business grow.

Owning a dating website is one thing, but promoting your new site is where most of the work takes place. Especially when you’re starting a site that relies on attracting users.

Most of that promotion will take place online. But depending on the niche you choose to serve, you may also take advantage of local advertising.

You don’t necessarily need a huge advertising budget, but you will have to include time to do website promotion. More on that later.


Decide on a niche for your dating website you want to own.

When you enter the internet dating market, be prepared for severe competition. To increase your chances to succeed, start with defining the niche you are interested in being an owner in. Decide what kind of audience you are going to work with. If you manage to narrow your niche down to a very specific target audience, you will set yourself apart from many competitors.

When you create dating sites for singles, you should clearly imagine the dating profiles you target. Make a research of dating profile examples on the internet to get the train rolling. This will help you understand what kind of people are likely to be interested in your services.

Be creative and consider all possible options and their combinations:

  • Own a private dating site or public dating site
  • Own a local dating site or site without any geographical limitations
  • Own a website for matchmaking / singles dating / black dating / quick dating / animals dating (pets dating), casual sex and hookups, etc.
  • Own a dating site for professionals, for over 50 (or other age) singles, for gays, for lesbians or other target groups


Choose a brand name and domain name

You will obviously have to give your dating website a name. This step goes hand in hand with choosing a domain name because people will associate your website’s URL directly with your brand name. Take your time to come up with a catchy, meaningful, and easy-to-remember name that would give people an idea of what your website is specializing at. Then pick a corresponding domain name.




How to Share Your New Dating Site With the World


This will be your main challenge. Pooling in the first users is especially difficult regardless of whether it is a free-to-use site or not.

A dating site without traffic is useless. People join hoping other people are joining too. Nothing puts off users more than a dating site that has no members. Your competitors are recording thousands of new sign-ups every day, you have to try hard to fit in too. And that’s why you need a marketer on staff, or as your site grows or your dating sites portfolio grows… Or, that’s why you need to market your business. So learn marketing, prospecting, selling, acting, flirting and how to run a business.

Start a Facebook Page

Almost everyone in the virtual world is on Facebook. It’s almost impossible for someone to be a social media user and not be on Facebook. Facebook is already at a billion users. You could advertise your page on Facebook but not the websites. Facebook does not allow its users to promote dating sites in it. You cannot promote your dating website directly on Facebook. Facebook will not approve it. Instead, post and promote blogs from your other websites. Or quotes. Or memes. In other words, lure in your prospective dating site users to your page. Make it interesting. For starters you could give it another name that hints at dating just to entice them but once the page starts growing you could change it to serve your website’s purpose.

The original name must have hints of singles, mingling and dates so that your fans will not be disappointed to find out that they have been lured into a page with a dating site agenda. You do not want to bring in married and dating couples into your page only to watch them stream out when you change the name. Having a huge fan base and watch it reduce is temporarily frustrating—’temporarily’ because once your site becomes famous you will not even notice when you lose users from that page.




Start a Facebook Group

You could start a group and bring in singles. Give the group a name catchy enough to attract single people. Post interesting topics. Place videos. Allow sharing. Do not make it public; that way people have to join to know what’s going on. Sometimes joining a public yet dull group does not make sense. Keep it closed.

Social Media

This is first on the list because it will likely be your most useful tool. Open up as many social media accounts as you can for your dating site and post to them frequently.

That’s going to be overwhelming at first, but eventually, you will see which sites work for you. Then, you can weed out the websites that don’t perform as well and make things more manageable.

Reach Out in Your Local Community

If your dating site serves a local niche, you’ll want to make it known in town. Consider advertising in local meeting places or sponsoring local meet-ups.


Search engine optimization is a promotion tool with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your website! Sure it is. In fact, improving a site’s search result ranking may be the best form of promotion. Research how people looking for dating sites search, what words and terms they use, then optimize pages on your site to rank in those results.

Call In Favors

Dating sites are social. The most attractive thing new members can see is many existing members. See if you can get your friends involved to lay the groundwork. People you already know are an excellent resource, and if they’re up for the challenge, they can help your site grow.

That may not sound like the height of authenticity, but dating sites have to start with a group of users. If visitors get the impression that others also use the site, they will be more likely to join and participate.


What Can You Do With a Dating Website?

Serve an Underserved Population

We talked about it earlier; serve a niche as a way of standing out among dating sites. But niches are made up of people. When you provide a service to a group who may not feel included in the mainstream, you will gain their appreciation and loyalty. And that can be very rewarding.

Learn What Interests or Motivates People

Running a website made up of hundreds of (hopefully) thousands of members is a real learning experience. Most people are good and kind, and serving and interacting with them can be a great way to spend your time.

But any time you deal with the public, you deal with all kinds of people — some less pleasant than others. The coping and people skills you learn managing people online will spill over into other aspects of your life. And that’s almost always a good thing.

Earn a Living

Not every website becomes a billion-dollar company. Let’s face it; most websites struggle to make a profit. But if you build an attractive site and put in promotion time, you can create your own employment.

Dating sites can produce substantial profits, even smaller, lesser-known sites. If you do everything you can to set yourself up for success, your dating site can be the source of a comfortable income.

Monetize your dating website

Before your dating website gets enough audience, you can temporarily keep it free. There are few alternative ways to generate income while your dating site is still growing. Consider contacting companies that deal with affiliate programs or selling your customers’ personal data and leads to other firms if you want to start making money as soon as possible.

But the highest income can only be expected when your dating website becomes popular. Then you can introduce paid membership, and your customers will pay you for getting access to your site and all its features.


Website Management

You do not launch a dating site and let it run on its own just as it is for months and years. It should be regularly maintained as with any expensive and techy hardware or machine. Software updates, security updates, file backups, caching, optimization, malware and hacker defenses maintained… all and much more require a management service. Unless you are a website designer, or developer and know coding, coding languages and software. No business, bricks and mortar or virtual runs without management.

People Need Other People

For as long as there have been people, we have searched for intimate connections. We all need human contact, and a dating site is a great way to interact. If your ideas are unique, or you have a niche audience in mind, a dating website can succeed beyond your expectations.

We hope we’ve given you some useful tools and insights that can help you along the way. Now get out there and make some matches!


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