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HOT NICHE! Crypto Currency Website with Multiple Revenue Sources

Right now, one of the hottest niches you can be involved in is Crypto Currency! Imagine having a website with original content promoting the top Bitcoin affiliate programs on the market.

Everything about this site is unique and it looks fantastic on desktop and mobile.

As Bitcoins become more and more popular as an investment, this website will grow and earn a lot of money in Adsense, crypto trading affiliate programs such as Binance and eToro, or any other program you want to add.


How does the site make money?

Trading marketplaces, such as Binance and eToro offer amazing affiliate programs. You can earn up to $100 per signup with eToro and lifetime commission on investments with Binance.

GenesisCloud pays $10 per signup and $100 when anyone you send to them spends $50.

On that page above, a visitor will learn how to create a mining server on GenesisCloud with $50 free credit and mine to Binance. You will earn from both GenesisCloud and lifetime commissions from Binance on anyone who follows the guide. People looking to get free Ethereum will use the guide and you will earn from every single person who follows it.

Bitcoin Faucet. Join a Bitcoin Faucet and earn commission from anyone who invests into that faucet using your referral link. There are plenty to choose from.

The site is built so you will earn from other peoples investments. You can get into the crypto market without investing any money yourself and earn some cash at the same time!


Is there any work involved in maintaining the site?

All you need to do is promote. Promotion is key, the more traffic you get the more earning you make.

You may have your own ideas on how to generate more revenue from different sources, you can do anything you like!


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