Congratulations on your new website!

On this page you will find practically every resource you will need to own and operate your website. ***Be sure to bookmark this page, saving it to your favorites or taskbar for easy access.



Here is where you will submit orders for new websites, or any other tools, services you want to sell to your customers.


To change the prices of your products, simply hover on “Products” at the left, on your tool bar. Then click on, “All Products”. This is where you can change prices and add new products.

When customers pay you at check out, they will pay your PayPal email.  You may find and change your PayPal email whenever you need at; “Products”, then scroll down to “Settings”. Once in this folder, click on; “Payments” and adjust your payment email as you desire.



When you order a website for your clients, remember to obtain;

  1. Their hosting company’s name.

  2. The login info for their Cpanel.

  3. What domain name they want their website attached too.

That is all the information we need, in order to install their website.  You are already familiar with our process of installation and delivery, as you yourself have already done it, when you have bought websites from us.  Except for actually installing the websites, you should continue to go through all the same processes you did with us, when you bought websites with us.

Your client remains your client and should have no knowledge of us, unless you choose to disclose it.



Remember to price your products accordingly, to include our payment and your profit as well.

  1. A prebuilt website by itself (no domain, no hosting) = $29 An unbuilt website will be a fee of $59

  2. If your customer wants us to host their website and provide the domain. = $30 additional charge.

  3. Any other products or services you sell to your customers besides websites is a 60/40 split. You will keep 60% of your sale and pay us 40% commission.

  4. There is no fee for selling eBook’s.


Or, you may email your orders directly to BOOKER at;

Should you have questions, concerns, need to negotiate deals, or any other feedback. Feel free to reach out directly at;: (502)956-8431. Leave a detailed message and we will call you back as soon as possible.