We sell digital products and applications. These are non tangible products that are not hand held, are not shipped through the mail and cannot be physically returned, or resold. Once a customer purchases any of our products, they own them for life. This gives the purchasing customer / client the right to resell those digital products for profit, duplicate them, edit, modify, make any changes they desire forever.

There is never a refund on digital products; if a purchaser is not satisfied with the products they have purchased, it is on that owner to sell their products at whatever amount they desire. We will assist that client in obtaining a current appraisal value to help them determine a selling price and provide them information as to the best platforms to resell, or auction away their products.

We have decided to discontinue accepting credit cards “directly” to avoid high processing fees and transaction fees applied by credit card processing companies and banks. To avoid high fees from payment processors, to avoid fraudulent return request. Which cause expensive chargeback fees with the banks, credit card processing companies and ecommerce payment processors.


How to pay using your credit / debit card with cash app

***We process all transactions through Cash app… through direct payment to our cash tag using your credit / debit card. Once your payment is sent, we will send you a confirmed work order via email and begin working on your project immediately.

If you do not have Cash app, you may download it here;


We also accept payment through ACH / Direct bank transfer, also through Cash app only. ACH transfers generally take between 3 – 5 days to process, depending on your bank. That is why we offer you both options for payment.

Once you check out, for ACH transactions. You will receive your invoice, with our bank account and routing number.

Once you have transferred payment through the ACH payment method, We will complete your order. Your invoice order number, will be your bank reference number. We process all of our transactions with Cash app, an American financial peer to peer payment service. And digital payments company for individuals and small businesses.

Cash app is owned by Square Inc. Which is a member FDIC. Please note that each customers banks are different and bank funds transfers can be immediate, or from 24 hours to 5 business days.

We will notify you when your funds have posted to our account for ACH transactions and we are beginning work on your project.


***You may pay us directly using our cash Tag here;